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Bim-Boat: The Complete Series

Bim-Boat: The Complete Series
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Bim-Boat: The Complete Series
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“That wasn't a favor.”

Bryce was on the verge of giving his girlfriend, Holly, the big boot off his houseboat. With her being the type to plaster the back of her car with bumper stickers, he doesn't know how he's put up with her for two years already. Bryce finally breaks down and takes his friend and fellow bartender, Joe, up on his offer. His promise of Feminol being four milliliters of pure, liquid bimbofication is Bryce's last chance to make Holly worth putting up with. Something had to explain why a neckbeard like Joe had such inexplicable luck with drop-dead-gorgeous women.

After her dose of Feminol, Holly undergoes a rapid transformation from a sour pseudointellectual, to the bubbly, blonde bimbo of Bryce's dreams. Now with a brain full of plastic and silicon, and a body full of desires, Holly can't keep her hands off of Bryce. And when a Bimbo like her sets the whole boat a'rockin' even a fit vet like Bryce can't keep up. And she's just the first of four bimbo 'problems' Bryce saddles himself with.
"That's how I'm supposed to say 'hello."

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