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A Spell for the Goddess (Journeyman Wizard Book 6)

A Spell for the Goddess (Journeyman Wizard Book 6)
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A Spell for the Goddess (Journeyman Wizard Book 6)
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Fitz is getting closer to fixing the Imbalance...

...he just has a pair of goddesses to reckon with!

Step back into the continuing adventures of Kevin Fitzgerald as he struggles to make it through his time as a Wizard's Apprentice! Join Seya, the voluptuous fertility goddess, and the long lost Hope, the key to the Imbalance as they struggle to reunite the Wizards and their Apprentices for the final battle!

What is behind the mysterious disappearances of the senior Wizards, Brant and Dutch Dunne and what is the Shade's plan for poor Katie? Fitz must find the strength to unravel it all.

Does Fitz have what it takes to become a full-fledged Wizard?

Find out all the JUICY details in this SIXTH pent-up and penultimate installment from the author of The Wizard's Apprentice and WifeEye!

This story contains at the minimum: explicit sexual situations, magic, and tomfoolery and is for adult readers only. Please check out the look inside for a sample.

10,000+ words.

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