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She went through college and law school just to start as a big city Assistant District Attorney doing the low level entry stuff. The men had never stopped wanting sexual low level entry positions with her through all of those years. Sometimes she just had to lay down the law with men to keep herself in proper working order.
When she woke up half naked after the car accident that she had never seen coming, she suddenly was handcuffed and in the control of the cop that she had cock teased a little too aggressively. The drugs they found hadn't been hers but they were in her purse.
She suddenly was just like every other woman who had been caught red handed. The cop who she had been so attracted to before drove a hard bargain with her no matter how much she pleaded with him. It was the choice of either doing hard time with him, or or doing hard time in jail and losing everything that she had worked for.
She had to agree to be his sex slave for thirty days on his private penal farm. Then he started laying down the long arm of the law with her. She had to try to find her own ways to make crime pay. She was in deep trouble as he got deeper into her.

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