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NEW CALCULATIONS IN CHEMISTRY: O' Level Calculations In Chemistry For Secondary Schools And Colleges

NEW CALCULATIONS IN CHEMISTRY: O' Level Calculations In Chemistry For Secondary Schools And Colleges
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NEW CALCULATIONS IN CHEMISTRY: O' Level Calculations In Chemistry For Secondary Schools And Colleges
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NEW CALCULATIONS IN CHEMISTRY is a textbook specially prepared to satisfy the needs and requirements of students offering chemistry in secondary schools, as well as the candidates preparing for various categories of O' Level examinations, both local and international, for careers in the Universities, polytechnics and colleges of education.
Though the book is calculation-oriented,it is much more than that; for it is comprehensively designed to serve as a panacea for the students' problems in chemistry, especially with respect to calculations. Each topic chapter involving calculations in chemistry is thoroughly treated in details with required explanations and principles, which are highly necessary for good understanding of the subsequent calculations, and then equipped with many worked examples of international standard.
Having been involved in classroom teaching for years, as well as being also involved in various examination coordination exercises for the Examination Councils such as West African Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO) in addition to the problems noted from students attempting GCSE and Cambridge International examinations, and hence knowing where the students find it most difficult in chemistry calculations, the author has therefore drawn various examination questions from various Examination Boards as samples for clarification and wide-range methods of application. They are solved in a simplified and step-by-step logical manner to ensure easy understanding and assimilation for the students and other users.
Chemistry teachers can also find the book immensely valuable for its wide coverage, explicitness and simplicity. Besides, it serves as a basic foundation for the students and candidates pursuing chemistry-related courses such as Engineering, Medicine, Natural sciences etc. as a career.
The following topics were highly treated in details: Atomic structure / Electronic configurations (in terms of normal distribution in the shells and spdf), Laws of Chemical Combination, Mole / Mole Concept (Avogadro's Constant), Gas Laws (including Gay-Lussac's Limiting and Excess reactants), Solubility (and Solubility curve) / Solubility Products, Redox reaction (including determination of Oxidation Number, Reducing and Oxidizing agents, and Balancing of Redox equations), Electrolysis (in aqueous and molten forms / calculations), Electrode Potentials (electrochemical cells), Energy diagrams (Exothermic and Endothermic reactions), Enthalpies of reactions, Spontaneity of reactions (including Free energy) and Chemical equilibrium / pH
The uniqueness of the book can never be over-emphasized; IUPAC System was embraced throughout, and besides the units of quantities were correctly dimensioned during calculations.


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